plasma TV wall mounted









1. What about purchasing equipment, can you buy it for me?

HCI can recommend the best equipment within your budget or supply you with your choice of goods. We will recommend the best products to suit your budget.










2. Plasma or LCD (liquid crystal display)?

Plasma TVs appear to have more depth due to deeper, richer levels of black, they are better for viewing sports or action movies with fast motion, whereas LCD screens are lighter and slimmer and are best in rooms with a lot of light.










3. How do you hide cables?

Cables can be made more discrete by putting behind a panel or plate. Alternatively cables can be surface mounted, or fed through wall cavities, with stud walls. Excavating a cavity to completely hide the cables gives a clean, clutter free effect. Once in place the cables are then covered and the wall re-plastered. We carry a full range of cables to provide for all your audio and visual needs.










4. What equipment should we buy?

HCI is happy to recommend the best equipment for your home or supply this to you. We will consult with you and discuss the best equipment to suit your budget.










5. Can you do the Lighting?

As a fully-qualified electrician, HCI can provide for all your lighting needs: from garden lighting and mood lighting to shower lights and multi-room controllers.












6. What amazing stuff can you do in my house – What are the possibilities?

  • Lighting, visual and sound can be installed in your home, garden or swimming pool and be controlled from a single point using a touch pad or even infrared remote control.

  • Mood lighting, mirrored plasma screens, waterproof and weatherproof control for bathrooms and outdoors. Systems can be programmed to switch lights on at a certain time, or when it gets dark.   

  • Different music can play in each room and can be controlled from each room or a single point.

  • You are in Control: from one keypad control the lights, light scenes, moods, sound and tv!










7. What about High Definition TV?

The highest available resolution for HDTV is 1080p. Most flat-panel LCD televisions and some Plasma TVs are “HD-ready” with a resolution of  1080p. DVDs are increasingly being sold in high definition and most network prime-time TV is broadcast in HD, although at the moment you need to pay for such content and use special cables. Cable and premium movie channels are also offering some HD viewing.










8. Do I need an electrician?

Installations by retail outlets are likely to suggest the additional services of an electrician, even if they do the set up! An electrician will be familiar with local building and fire codes, and be able to securely fix your purchase and hide cables. HCI provides a qualified electrician, as well as being an experienced home cinema installer!

Buying a flat-screen TV is simple; installing it takes skill!









9. You are based in Swindon - how far will you travel?

Home Cinema Installations is based in Swindon, Wiltshire but is happy to travel to most places within a couple of hours from Swindon. Please contact us to find out when we can fit your plasma TV, in your area.